Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cambodia on $19/person/day.

Here's the Cambodia breakdown with some details...

Our 24 days in Cambodia included 7 days of the Habitat build, and most of these costs were covered under our Global Village participation fee. We sort of accounted for this under the daily per person averages. In general, though, the data is skewed but we don't really care because we aren't getting paid to do this and therefore we can do whatever we want.

If you're planning a trip to Cambodia just know that food is expensive here, much like Lao (we found that on average, a meal ran about $3/person in a sit-down restaurant - but the portions are bigger, also like Lao). Buses also seem to be a bit pricier here than elsewhere. Otherwise things were pretty much on par with the rest of SE Asia.

Initial budget: as with other SE Asian countries, no more than $30/person/day
Actual cost: 24 days at $929 ($39/day, $19/person/day)
Actual cost not including Habitat build week: 17 days at $929 ($55/day, $27/person/day)

apologies -
drawn on a bumpy bus ride
  • Lodging: $213 - 16 nights at guest houses, 1-/2-star hotels, or bungalows averaging $6.50/person/night
  • Transportation: $173 - buses and boats between major cities; tuk-tuks within cities; bicycle rentals for the Angkor tour
  • Groceries: $102 - mostly breakfast foods, bottled water and snacks during transport
  • Meals: $193 - some guesthouses offered breakfast but regardless of this we got into the habit of cornflakes and yogurt for one meal a day (to save on costs and also to avoid one noodle/rice meal a day at this stage in the SE Asia game), so for eating out we averaged $6/person/day 
  • Tours: $142 - $40/person for our 3-day pass to the Temples of Angkor; $29 for our day tour (including wat entry fees) in Kampong Cham; miscellaneous museum/tour costs in Phnom Penh; $4 in entry fees for Kep National Park; $13 for our bat cave tour in Battambang
  • Alcohol: $57 - with long, hot days at the Habitat site came self-encouraged happy hour beers plus a last night of fancy and not-so-fancy celebration drinks with the team (beers from bars instead of the local market are expensive!)
  • "Misc": $3 - $1 in laundry and who knows what else
  • Border: $46 - $20 each for our 30-day visas, plus a mystery 100 baht ($6) border control fee when we entered Cambodia... those cheeky border control police

Other fun Cambodia facts...
  • Cities visited: 5 (Siem Reap x 2, Kampong Cham, Phnom Penh, Kep, Battambang)
  • Tarantulas consumed by Patrick: 1
  • National parks visited: 1 (Kep National Park)
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites visited: 1 (Temples of Angkor)
  • Plastic water bottles thrown away: yeah, yeah, yeah...

Almost time to wrap up Thailand costs too...


  1. tarantulas consumed? that'll teach you to show up during pledge week. / =

    1. That duck brain in Thailand counts toward the hazing too, right?

    2. only if the 1/2 pound of Rapa™ scrapple that i ate for breakfast does