Welcome and thanks for reading! We are Patrick and Jen, two folks from Oregon in search of life beyond cubeland.

January 2012 near Portland

Our previous travels have taught us wonderful things about the world, but end dates are so limiting! So in April 2013 we left our jobs and our beautiful city to travel for a year. (Or so we thought.) Find out why here.

October 2013 in Nemcicky, Czech Republic

Our general itinerary to date:
January 2014 in Portland's doppleganger - Porto, Portugal

Along the way we've WWOOFed, Help Exchanged, and WorkAway'd in exchange for educational opportunities (and basic food and lodging). We've learned so much and made great friends from these experiences!  We've also done some housesitting in exchange for free lodging.

June 2014 in northern rural Thailand

In addition to this blog, we also post regularly on our Facebook page and to Flickr. Please feel free to contact us at haplessgnomad @ gmail too!

We hope our stories inspire you to take your own journey someday...

January 2015 in South Point, Hawaii


  1. Wonderful and inspiring blog, guys! Thanks a lot for adding us on Twitter! Travel safe and keep up your great work!!

    1. A very belated thank you! Saw your comment about the photo contest too - we'll check it out now that we have slightly more reliable internet. Travel on, guys!

  2. Great blog site! My husband and I are expats from California who have lived in Mexico and Latin America for over twenty years. We are planning a trip to Portugal, Spain, and Morocco and will be using your insights for reference. Muchas gracias and keep on exploring,Laura

    1. Thanks Laura! Enjoy Portugal, Spain and Morocco - we sure did!

      Great pictures, esp of the sea turtles and donkeys. We're hoping to get to Mexico someday, funny that it's so close and neither of us has been. I will definitely check out your blog if we do get there.

      (Your comment reminds me that I really need to update this page. It's nearly 2 years old, yikes!)

  3. Time is definitely speeding up, in my opinion, even if you are "Slowly Global"! You might want to check out my blog which I have named MEXICO AND BEYOND:LAURA'S PHOTO JOURNEY which you can find at lauraaloveland.blogspot.com I will be adding your blog to my favorite links and maybe you would consider doing likewise. Laura