Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday five: before and after.

I have this obsession with taking "before" and "after" photos during our WWOOF gigs. It's so gratifying for me to see concrete evidence of my manual labor. I just don't get that kind of satisfaction from an office job, no matter how rewarding the organization...

It's also fun to take time-lapse photos in the garden. Pretty amazing how quickly seeds become giant plants!

I never did anything with the before/after photos, though, so I figured it was high time to change that! Here are five sequences from our Myrtle Point, OR WWOOF experience...

 broccoli - week one

broccoli - week four

brassica beds - before planting

brassica beds - after planting

fava bed - before clearing

fava bed - after clearing
(I had some help with this one!)

barley rows - before clearing

barley rows - after clearing 
(I had some help with this one too!)

And finally, not related to my manual labor but definitely related to how fast things grow...

 Ravi, week one

Ravi, week four

You're welcome. :)