Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday five: County Fair season!

Five reasons to visit a local county fair this summer, whether you're home or traveling, in no particular order...

every year when summer comes around
they stretch a banner 'cross the main street in town
you can feel somethin's happenin' in the air

The animals! Sadly, we missed the pig races (which always amuses me to no end) and we didn't get to visit the chicken and rabbit room, but we spent some time with the other barnyard animals.


For some reason, we only took photos of the llamas - maybe we have enough pictures of close personal goat, cow, sheep, and pig friends already?

baby llama

mama llama

The rides! Okay, so maybe the rides aren't a great reason to visit a fair. This year, our visit coincided with the recent tragedy at the Ohio State Fair. We skipped the extremely pricey death traps, which in all honesty we would've done regardless, but we did watch another form of ride which seemed equally dangerous - small children on bucking baby broncos.

this kid lasted 2 seconds

so did this kid

I was pretty impressed with all the cowgirls who entered the contest, though.

anything you can do,
I can do better...

The juxtaposition! Trump hats and purple hair, Trump hats and tye-dye, Trump hats and Worthy IPA, Trump hats and environmental nonprofit booths...

Trump hats and Coos County Democrats 
(why yes,that is our picture of us with Rep DeFazio)...

Trump hats and Trump-hat-wearing douchebags selling racist flags
(oh, wait, that's to be expected)

A Trump-hat-wearing douchebag actually jumped into the picture above right before I took it. He was smiling and waving his arms around and yee-haw-ing. I begrudgingly held my tongue, but I did put my camera down until he walked away. (Did I mention the Trump hats?)

This was perhaps our favorite juxtaposition of the night...

the latest in reality TV: cake top wars!

The food! To counteract the Trump-hat-wearing douchebags, we partook in a delicious burrito made by our friend Roberta and her friends at Miguel's.

best Mexican food cart in town!
(only Mexican food cart in town?)

And of course there was a deep fried purchase.

it's called a "scone" -
we aren't sure why and we don't care

But I don't just mean the food you can eat. I mean the food that's submitted for competition. This was the first fair I've ever attended where I could've sworn that Oprah was a judge.

"you get a ribbon! and you get a ribbon! ..."

"... and you get a ribbon!"

"... and you, and you, and you..."

"... EVERYBODY gets a ribbon!!"

And speaking of food, the food art always cracks me up. This kid got first place but I was kind of bummed that he didn't also get a ribbon.

guess even Oprah has her limits

The gems! So, so many to choose from this year... First up, as featured in our Facebook photo album, the Unicorn Sandwich.

ingredients: "unicorn horn, hoagy bun (w/sesime seeds), olive, relish, chedar cheese, tomato slices, lettuce, pickle slices, mayo, katchup, mustard, berger patty, egg, swiss cheese, bacon, portabella mushroom, peparoni pizza, steak, ice cream cone, cookie, pancake (w/syrup), cake, chillie, penut butter, black forest ham, jelly, and 1... no, 2 cherrys on top"

Next up: foam core. I haven't seen a lot of science fair exhibits at county fairs...

(middle school flashbacks)

... but there were some gems among those as well.

if I had a cube, this photo would be posted there

apropos of nothing, 
and sandwiched between "sore mouth in goats"
and "it's not just poop!"

The photography exhibits are always a favorite. We spent a while wandering through the aisles, and as usual, I kicked myself for not submitting something. (Next year!) We weren't supposed to take pictures in this exhibit but someone who shall remain nameless was quite enamored with a certain cat photo and couldn't help himself...

(the actual caption)

And I was quite enamored with this true gem...

<3 OR

Three hours at the county fair is about our max, so perhaps the best part of the night was walking away. We've already decided that we don't need to go back to the Coos County Fair ever again but we're already looking forward to next season - wherever we may be!

the end