Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hungary on $40 per person per day.

Actually, Budapest on $40/person/day. We didn't see anything else of Hungary on this part of the trip.

Initial budget: 14 days at $1204 ($86/day, $43/person/day)
Actual cost: 5 days at $401 ($80/day, $40/person/day)

I can't get over how little info went into the WAG for the initial budget, and how close we are coming in. But that's because I am nerdy like that.

Here's the breakdown with some details...

yep, they all kinda look the same
we're so predictable
  • Lodging: $153 - dorm rooms at hostels and one night for a hostel private room (CURSE YOU, SNORERS!!) averaging $15/person/night.
  • Transportation: $145 - except for nominal dollars spent on metro rides in Budapest, this is the cost of the train from Budapest to Brasov.
  • Groceries: $36 - we spent our peanut butter fund on the most amazing rye rolls from the local supermarket. If we never eat bread again after Central Europe...
  • Meals: $37 - most of this is lunch one day at the touristy central market and our "last meal in Budapest" (goulash and meat!).
  • Tours: $14 - two free walking tour guide tips.
  • Alcohol: $14 - hooray for inexpensive, tasty Hungarian wine!
  • Gear: $0.
  • "Misc": $6 - more public toilets and various other randomness..
  • Gifts: $0 - we'll just leave this one off going forward.
Other fun Budapest facts...
  • Cities visited: 1 combined city of Buda and Pest
  • National parks visited: 0
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites visited: 2 (Andrassy Avenue, Buda Castle)
Burned out mentally but not financially. That's a good thing, right? Here's to keeping on track to keep this journey going... and to getting some rest along the way.