Thursday, October 24, 2013

Staying under budget in Slovakia.

Dear Slovakia, we're sorry we didn't stay longer in your beautiful country.  We'll be back someday.  XO, J&P

Initial budget: 10 days at $880 ($88/day, $44/person/day)
Actual cost: 5 days at $366 ($73/day, $36.50/person/day)

Here's the breakdown with some details...

pie chart quality slowly but surely declining...
that piece is definitely not 44%
  • Lodging: $162 - one hostel, one dorm room, five nights ($16/person/night).
  • Transportation: $135 - one cheap bus ride from Zakopane to Lysa Polana, one expensive taxi ride from Lysa Polana to Zdiar, a couple dollars to get back from the "7 hour hike", one adventure navigating the bus system from Zdiar to Levoca and back, and one bus/train journey from Zdiar to Poprad/ Budapest.
  • Groceries: $21 - zero jars of peanut butter.
  • Meals: $31 - one lazy Sunday lunch, two soups at the hut during the "7 hour hike", two kebabs in Levoca.
  • Tours: $5 - two admissions to Church of St Jacob's to see the beautiful tarp covering Europe's largest wood carved altar (yes, we're still a little bitter about that).
  • Alcohol: $8 - somewhere around a dozen bottles of beer.
  • Gear: $0.
  • "Misc": $4 - no idea, the woods were our public bathroom this time so it can't be for WC visits.
  • Gifts: $0... yeah yeah yeah.
Other fun Slovakia facts...
  • Cities visited: 3, technically speaking (Zdiar, Levoca, Poprad)
  • National parks visited: 1 (Tatras National Park)
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites visited: 0 (we saw Spiš Castle in Levoca from afar, but we won't count that)
Still on track with money overall...  Let's see how we fare in Budapest.


  1. "no cost too much" and "no, cost too much" may APPEAR similar.....

    1. How some long-term travelers fail, exhibit A.

  2. Sorry about your experience in the Levoča church. Even as a native, I've never had luck at that place - if it isn't one thing, it's another. One time I was a guide for a small group of French visitors and a nun kicked us out of the church for no reason, just flipped out and screamed at us to leave. But the altar is exquisite, I can tell you that.

  3. PS: And yes, please do return to Slovakia. You're always welcome.