Thursday, October 24, 2013

We saw the Czech Republic on $28/day!

Numbers for the Czech Republic are in...

Initial budget: 4 days at $320 ($80/day, $40/person/day)
Actual cost: 20 days at $586 ($28/day, $14/person/day)

We think we did pretty well, what do you think?

OK, we kind of cheated - 14 of those days were spent volunteering on a farm. Take those out and we were at $95/day ($47.50/person/day), which is still not bad considering we spent four days in the most expensive city we've visited to date and another two days in a quaint but touristy town. We even splurged a little in these cities knowing we wouldn't spend much, if anything, at the farm, and we still came in under $50/person/day. Here's the breakdown with some details...

looks a lot like Poland's pie chart -
this is a good thing
  • Lodging: $228 - 6-person dorm rooms at hostels averaging $16/person/night. If you're willing to share a dorm with 8-10 people, this number could be much lower. We can barely tolerate 6-person dorms at times.
  • Transportation: $171 - includes slightly more expensive buses and trains Poland-Czech and Czech-Poland just because of the additional distance. This also includes trams and buses within major cities, and a handful of dollars for transportation for day trips to Kutna Hora, Mikulov, and Lipnik.
  • Groceries: $46 - again, lots of peanut butter (it runs about $3-4 per small jar here).
  • Meals: $49 - mostly from our first night in Czech when we got in really late and grabbed something from the local pub, morning coffees to make up for the Nesca-rap coffee they have at hostels, and trying local foods.
  • Tours: $26 - Prague's free walking tour guide tip, admissions to the Kutna Hora ossuary and Lipnik Helfštýn Castle, nominal donations for a church here and there.
  • Alcohol: $18 - clearly, we did not drink enough beer in Prague! Had we paid for all the wine we were served in Nemcicky, this number would be a lot higher.
  • Gear: $15 - secondhand clothes for our upcoming Czech farm stay, a new battery watch for Jen.
  • "Misc": $17 - more public toilets, otherwise not sure but not worried about it.
  • Gifts: still $0.

Other fun Czech Republic facts...
  • Cities visited: 6 (Prague, Kutna Hora, Nemcicky, Mikuluv, Olomouc, Lipnik)
  • National parks visited: 0, sadly
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites visited: 3 (Historic Center of Prague, Church of St Barbara in Kutna Hora, Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc)

Overall we're still doing really well on the money side. We expect Slovakia and Budapest to be expensive, so we'll see how it goes...