Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spain! On $56/person/day! Yikes!!

Spain shall hereby be known as "the country where we spent the most money"...  In all fairness we did fly into the country twice, and Jen celebrated her birthday in Spain too.  But mostly?  It's just an expensive country to visit.

Here's the breakdown with some details...

Initial budget: $100/day, $50/person/day
Actual cost: 18 days at $2020 ($112/day, $56/person/day)

(luckily, wine is cheap)
  • Lodging: $598 - 18 nights at hostels or 1-star hotels averaging $16/person/night
  • Transportation: $901 - flights Turkey-Barcelona and Morocco-Madrid; car rental for Picos de Europa; trains/buses between major cities and to Gibraltar; nominal dollars spent on public transportation everywhere
  • Groceries: $230 
  • Meals: $134 - don't let the small plates fool you, tapas are expensive!
  • Tours: $69 - most of this was our Gibraltar day trip; otherwise, admissions to various Barcelona and Seville museums/sights
  • Alcohol: $32 - darn you, delicious Spanish wine!
  • "Misc": $56 - $18 in laundry; $29 for much-needed (used) clothing; $9 for random things like contact lens solution and telephoning a hotel for directions

Other fun Spain facts...
  • Cities visited: 7 (Barcelona, Pamplona, Llanes, A Coruña, Seville, Tarifa, Madrid)
  • Bottles of wine enjoyed: we aren't saying
  • National parks visited: 1 (Picos de Europa)
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites visited: 3 (Barcelona's works of Antoni Gaudí, Seville's cathedral, A Coruña's Tower of Hercules)
  • King and Queen sightings: 1 (our only day in Madrid was the anniversary of the 2004 bombing)

To Vietnam, where there are lots more zeros on the money!