Saturday, February 22, 2014

Portugal on about $40/person/day.

Portugal was cheaper than Spain but still not all that cheap.

Initial budget: $100/day, $50/person/day
Actual cost: 16 days at $1298 ($81/day, $40.50/person/day)

Here's the breakdown with some details...

(note new categories)
  • Lodging: $620 - 16 nights at hostels or Air B&B apartments averaging $19/person/night
  • Transportation: $366 - trains/buses between major cities and transportation for day trips to the Douro Valley, Conimbriga, Buçaco Forest and Sagres; nominal dollars spent on public transportation everywhere
  • Groceries: $156
  • Meals: $40 - all pastries... not even kidding (okay, maybe there was one coffee in there somewhere but we didn't actually eat out at all)
  • Tours: $69 - Porto walking tour; admissions to various Porto museusm/sights, Conimbriga ruins, and the fortress at Sagres
  • Alcohol: $40
  • "Misc": $5 - $4 for port tastings in the Douru Valley (we call that "entertainment"), otherwise public toilets
  • Gifts: still $0, sorry...

Other fun Portugal facts...
  • Cities visited: 7 (Valença, Porto, Pinhão, Coimbra, Luso, Lagos, Sagres)
  • Pastries eaten: A BAZILLION
  • National parks visited: 0 (but Buçaco Forest Park is a Portuguese national monument and on the tentative UNESCO list)
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites visited: 3 (Alto Douro Wine Region, Historic Centre of Oporto, University of Coimbra)
  • Wine tours: 0 (but we enjoyed the tasting!)

Looking forward to getting out of Euro territory soon...


  1. Schrute Bucks > Euros

  2. I don't think anything > Euros right now. Except maybe the pound.