Friday, November 15, 2013

Romania costs: $16/day. (Yep, you read that right.)

Romania on $8/person/day... wait, that can't be right.  I know we volunteered for two weeks, but EIGHT DOLLARS A DAY??  Wow.

Initial budget: 14 days at $1204 ($86/day, $43/person/day)
Actual cost: 21 days at $340 ($16/day, $8/person/day)

I really don't know why more people don't volunteer while traveling.  Here's the breakdown with some details...

these pie charts need some serious help
  • Lodging: $185 - 6 dorm rooms at hostels and one night for a private room averaging $13/person/night.
  • Transportation: $55 - trains from Brasov-Bucharest and Bucharest-Sinaia-Bucharest, nominal dollars spent on public transportation in Bucharest.
  • Groceries: $42 - again I say, if we never eat bread again after Central Europe...
  • Meals: $14 - most of this is lunch one day in Old Town.
  • Tours: $22 - Bran Castle (Bran), the Village Museum (Bucharest).
  • Alcohol: $13 - hooray for rotgut village wine!
  • Gear: $0.
  • "Misc": $10 - laundry, public toilets and various other randomness.
  • Gifts: still $0.

Other fun Romania facts...
  • Cities visited: 5 (Brasov, Bran, Sinaia, Lisa, Bucharest)
  • Awesome provinces visited: Transylvania!
  • National parks visited: 0
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites visited: 0

Now we say goodbye to Central Europe's impending grey winter and countless loaves of inexpensive white fluffy bread.  Hopefully, Turkey's cheese is just as good though...  To Istanbul!


  1. i will now throw in some Romanian phrases at no extra cost:
    te iubesc = i love you
    multumesc = thank you
    buna ziua = have a good day