Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hey, remember when we were on a Greyhound bus headed to Newark airport?

Three months ago we ate our last breakfast in the U.S. and piled ourselves and our backpacks into the Shafer family car.

not pictured: Dad Shafer

At the New Carrollton Greyhound station we put our fate into the hands of the first of many bus drivers we would meet (and have yet to meet) on our journey. About 30 hours and several modes of transportation later we were in Poland and so were our backpacks. Success!

We have had a lot of opportunities for fate to cooperate so far...

Like the time the check engine light appeared three hours after we left Portland, and never fully resolved itself during the four months we were in Canada. But it never really caused any issues either.

Or those times we had to push and shove to ensure we had a seat on various Polski buses (despite having prepaid for our tickets). Because apparently that's how it's done in Poland.

Or the morning crossing the Poland-Slovakia border without a Euro to our name, no bankomat in sight, and a 20km walk in our future.  Luckily that nice man gave us a (very expensive) ride to our hostel.

Or that time at the Burdur bus station when Jen accidentally walked into the womens' prayer room thinking it was the bathroom.  At 4am the room was empty and she was able to quietly back out without offending anyone.

Or two days ago when, halfway to our final destination, the bus driver pulled down the sign indicating our final destination - leaving us to wonder how (and more importantly, when) we would actually get to Fethiye. All we had to do was change buses at the next stop and wait 10 minutes for departure. Easy as pie.

(Mmmmmm - pie.)

Cancelled flights, compromised credit cards, lost luggage - we can understand how major annoyances like these cause people to take staycations.  But we also know that the little irritations can really add up too.  We are grateful that with each day that passes, we have more patience, more tolerance, more of a sense of humor about everything.  It really helps that everyone we have encountered has been helpful. And almost all those people have also been incredibly friendly too... Except that one lady at the Krakow bus station information booth. But hey, we all have our bad days.

So once again we thank The Universe for three months overseas and counting. Here's to another successful three months as we make our way toward Southeast Asia - whenever and however the heck that happens!

in the meantime, to Turkey!

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  1. remember the time you took that home wine-making class and forgot how to drive?