Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday five: road foods that last (continued).

It's been raining for almost ten hours straight, so we had a short early day on the farm and then lots of time to sit.  After two Scrabble games, a few hours of long-overdue journal updates and photo organization, and some post-Ottawa planning... thoughts turned to food. 

So in prep for your next camping or road trip we bring you five foods that actually do *not* need refrigeration after opening, no matter what the package might say, in no particular order:
  • soy milk

    for early escapes

    in prep for long driving days

    cereal is king

    (Killarney Provincial Park, ON)
  • natural peanut butter

best when you combine
with chocolate and fire
at noisy campsites
(Golden, BC)
  • mustard
dijon or yellow
doesn't really matter much
if the view is nice
(Chase, BC)
  • cheddar cheese
beware of mossies
that get in your sandwiches
near Canada lakes
(Rainbow Falls Provincial Park, ON)
  • maple syrup
just add bananas,
raisins, dates, oatmeal, and flax...
best. breakfast. evah.
(Waterton Lakes NP, AB)

Or maybe they *do* need refrigeration and after two months on the road, we just have stomachs of steel.  Hard to know for sure.

Lettuce, on the other hand - for the love of all that is holy, refrigerate.

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  1. i don't think any peanut butter needs to ever be refrigerated - if it does, i could be in trouble / =