Thursday, May 9, 2013

Friday five: Gabriola Island WWOOFing.

Yes, yes – we spent two lovely rain-free nights in Olympic National Forest and one fun evening in Victoria, BC seeing a favorite band.  But then the real journey began. 

I wanted to keep a good record of our first couple of experiences WWOOFing so that anyone unfamiliar with the concept could understand why we chose to travel this way across Canada.  I had every intention of blogging every detail - every ache and pain, every barnyard animal’s back story, and most importantly, every new sustainable practice we’ve learned. 

We’ve been on the road almost three weeks now and I have no idea where the time has gone.  Oddly, it feels like we’ve been on Gabriola Island for at least six weeks… in a good way, I mean.  We’ve done so much and seen so much already that another year of this almost feels overwhelming.

Almost.  We’ll get over that overwhelmed feeling soon enough!

Anyway, more on sustainability later.  We have lots to share but I want to put more thought into that.  For now here are five things we did over the last two and a half weeks at Laughing Woodpecker Organics and Just Another Weed Patch, in no particular order:
  • Weeded, composted, mulched and otherwise prepped gardens
hand sifting beautiful compost and mulch

and carrying wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow to various parts if the farm

  • Helped with spring planting

  • carrots



    nut trees
    not pictured: beets, kale, artichokes, licorice mint

    • Tended to the animals, including but not limited to…

    feeding time

    socializing the pigs

    fence duty

    mucking the barn 
    in stylish yet affordable boots

    chicksitting in the RV

    yolkswagon patrol
    • Enjoyed lovely accommodations and meals thanks to our gracious hosts
    we really need...

    ... a fifth wheel

    hot tubs under the stars

    sailing around the island
        delicious ...

        ... meals ...
      ... fresh and wholesome
    • Made the most of what this beautiful island has to offer

    • eagles and other wildlife
      not pictured: otters, heron, sea lions, orcas

      Newcastle Island day trip


      sunsets galore
      not pictured: Elder Cedar walks, marsh birdwatching
    Next stop: Pacific Rim National Park for a beach cleanup and well-deserved vacation!


    1. PRO TIP: in Canada, a gutter is called an "eavestrough", and a house is called a "hoose"

    2. You both look so happy!
      Agreed a fifth wheel would have been a 'nice to have' in your plan!
      This farm seemed legit and of course wonderful!

    3. Patrick and "Jean" we MISS YOU! Thank you for your art contribution - we all (especially the kid) found your renditions of Todd, Ana, ravens, bees so endearing. You've inspired our family to seek out adventure through travel during our 'down time', whenever that might be. We wish you much health, happiness, strong backs and restful sleeps in the coming months. Don't forget to keep your eyes and ears open for birds! From all of us at the weed patch...

    4. Darn it you two... you are just making me, Clarence Jr and William jealous all the time!