Saturday, April 20, 2013

Belated Friday five: Portland lasts.

We thought it would be fitting to spend our last week in Portland enjoying the worldly food goodness our fine city has to offer.  (At free and happy hour prices, of course.  Money - or lack of incoming money going forward - has been a topic of late.  We have planned well, but we know that if anything, it's the unknowns that will get us.)

Anyway.  And so, in chronological order...

  • Monday: An anniversary of sorts so we splurged a little and went to Swagat for their lunch buffet.  Yes, a $9.95 buffet has now become a splurge.  In other news, we didn't really need to eat again until breakfast...
 curries and lentils and naan, oh my
  • Tuesday: Yuki for Jen's favorite sushi roll ever made (in Portland).  Crispy spicy tuna deep fried and served with their magic sauce... Oh and some other sushi too.
but first, Broadway Brewery for 
a cider and a hot tamale+raspberry wheat blend
(trust us, it's amazing)

all that matters is on the far right
and that sauce in the middle

  • Wednesday: Marrakesh for free, thanks to an unfair exchange for our banana stand (guess it's true?).  Delicious... but now we want to go to Morocco to complete the Pepsi challenge!
lentil soup, Moroccan salad
(not pictured: B'stilla Royale,
veggie delight and chicken with apricots,
almond cake with mint tea)

  • Friday: the Pacific Northwest's finest at Hawthorne Fish House.  You might note a lot of bread above, and you might recall that Jen is gluten free.  She didn't care this week.  But Hawthorne Fish House uses rice flour for all their fried foods, meaning Jen can eat most of it!  She shouldn't eat the deep fried cheese curds due to the cheese+grain issues, but let's face it... no one really should eat deep fried cheese curds.  And no one should order two servings of them, either.  Not that we did. 
(OK, maybe we did order two servings of the deep fried cheese curds)
  • Saturday: Wolf & Bear's falafel on top of our own refrigerator's greens, hummus, olives and veggies.  Best falafel on the east side, hands down.
 it's been around the corner from us for years
why did we not go there every day?

Tomorrow starts the routine of oatmeal, road snacks and dinner via campfire for a few nights...  Heaven!  (Heaven is cold and rainy, right?)

Quote of the day: "Um, I have no idea where I'm going tomorrow when we leave town, FYI."  Most likely we'll stay in Olympic National Park for a few nights before heading up to Victoria/Vancouver.  Let the fates decide!

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