Sunday, March 31, 2013


Annual goal planning just wrapped up at work.  I am obviously excused from this activity but as a joke I sent "2013 goals" to my boss and manager peers the other day - more or less the following list:
  • Successfully execute a slow RTW trip.  Metrics: 
    • on budget
    • # of countries visited, avg length of stay/country
    • ratio of airplanes to buses/trains taken, ratio of volunteer days to self-funded days
  • Increase social network at least 25% through active engagement with fellow travelers. Metrics: 
    • # of new friends we make via people we know, or who we meet on the road
    • % increase in Facebook page “like”s 
    • % increase in travel blog page views and comments
  • Perfect the art of spontaneity by having a general route - but not a detailed plan. Metrics: 
    • # of countries/sights visited that were not in the original route
    • # of recommendations from locals that trump our plan on any given day
    • periodic stress level measurements on a scale of 1-5 from not having a detailed plan
  • Learn how to milk goats, stretch goal: learn how to make goat cheese.  Metrics: 
    • quarts of goat milk and pounds of goat cheese generated 
    • goat milk and goat cheese subsequently consumed
    • pounds gained from all the goat milk and goat cheese consumption
Pretty sure I was the only one who thought this was funny.

(Actually, I still think it's pretty funny...)

urban goat: do not milk


  1. As a former goat dairy farmer, who both milked goats and made cheese, I can assure you that the effort of doing the above will certainly help offset any weight gained by consuming too much goat cheese (which is already naturally lower in fat than cow or sheep cheese).

  2. That is just the news I wanted to hear... I meant to ask you more about your experience when you were here the other day. Tips are definitely welcomed!